Wake Up People!


I am an optimist. Even when faced with the hardest of challenges I always say Future is bright! And yet it is time to share some hard truths with you people. Our fundraising program is not as successful as we hoped it to be. As it is right now, unless we raise more money this month we will go bankrupt as of August, 1st.

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@Neuron that was/is a very straight forward no holds barred blog! I personally am not a code writer or engineer, but I have felt that the people behind the Saturn.Network have put something together that is a unique truly decentralized exchange. I try to be involved in and around the network. I try to promote and share a lot of the blog posts that I find on the forum, Medium, Facebook and Twitter. Now, from your post I can see that I am going to have to step-up promoting the network and the tokens available. I wish I had more money to invest and could help write code but I am lucky to have figured out how to even make a trade. One thing that I find huge and one of the best things y’all do is respond to questions, problems and comments quickly, you provide easy solutions and everyone goes out of their way to share their knowledge and their wealth. Sometimes we forget that wealth is not all about how much money or things we own, but wealth is belonging to a network like this, meeting cool and crazy people, being able to do what we do and being happy with life! Thanks for being open and honest and hopefully your post will light some fires under some people’s asses and we can get more involvement and more investors.