Web User Interface on the decentralized exchange - based on IPFS?


I wondered if the web user interface (UI) of the old Radex decentralized exchange and new Saturn exchange is based on IPFS ? In order to be a truly decentralized exchange the UI should be too.


This is good thinking! However, putting things on IPFS doesn’t magically make them decentralized. I.e. if we are the only ones who pin the UI, which is simply an HTML file, then using IPFS is strictly worse than current hosting solution.

We definitely embrace decentralization and uncensorability as the core values of our products, and we do have a plan for reaching those goals to the max degree possible. Stay tuned!


Thanks Neuron, so if I understand this correctly, at the moment the Radex and Saturn decentralized exchange UI both use a normal https web based User Interface ? For now, It is the backend that is decentralized (blockchain and smart contract) ? and what does “PIN” the UI mean ?


All things that deal with money are already decentralized. You trade directly from your wallet, and the smart contract matches sellers with buyers. The UI is only needed because humans can’t read blockchain directly - it is, technically speaking, not even an essential part of the exchange, and I’d say there is no urgency in decentralizing it right away. The important part is the architecture of the exchange - does it allow to eventually decentralize every part of it, including UI and hosting? The answer is yes. We are working towards this goal and you’ll see results sooner rather than later.

If a DEX were a building, you could say we made sure that the land it stands on and the foundation are decentralized. As far as wall color and windows go, decentralizing those is not possible without the first part, and arguably has slightly lower priority. We are pursuing it nonetheless.

and what does “PIN” the UI mean ?

This shows that you don’t really know how IPFS works (most of the people don’t), and further reinforces my point that using IPFS doesn’t make your product magically more decentralized.


Thanks again Neuron, would you please explain a little more about what “Pin” the UI basically means in practice ? and what the advantages is ?


Advantage is immutability of the frontend. Disadvantage is also immutability - incredibly hard to coordinate updates. Hosting on IPFS makes sense only once

  1. UI stabilizes and development slows down
  2. More people learn to host IPFS nodes

For now we prioritize innovating on the backend, onboarding new users, as well as enabling others to build their own UIs on top of our decentralized backend