Weekly Exchange Statistics 05/08 - 15/08

Following our last exchange statistic thread, here is a breakdown from 05/08 - 15/08.

Ethereum Classic

  • Total trades: 9904
  • Total orders: 10401
  • Token count: 92
  • Saturn Classic DAO tokens mined: ~459812 SATURN
  • Total volume: ~19031 ETC
  • Total users: 525
  • Volume during period (05/08 - 15/08): ~1539 ETC
  • Volume last 7 days: ~919 ETC

During this period we saw 339 completed trades and 902 new orders created, which resulted in 1539 ETC in volume. For orders created that is an increase of 252% from last week! This is really great to see, and is a direct indication of more liquidity flowing into the exchange. The statistic to really be happy about though is the big increase in new time traders, we saw 55 new users on our platform, most likely the reason for the massive increase in orders. Very positive! We are also closing in on 20,000 ETC volume since launch, another milestone to celebrate?

Saturn Classic DAO Token

We saw some very big Saturn ETC buys this week, along with people buying into our dApp development kit IDEO - combined it made for an active week of SATURN trading on ETC. Also saw many orders being created, which has really balanced out our depth chart, a sign of a very healthy market!

  • Market Cap: $1,033,965 USD
  • Volume: ~955 ETC
  • Buys: 61
  • Sells: 33
  • Best Sell Order: 0.000185 ETC
  • Best Buy Order: 0.000131 ETC
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  • Total trades: 2558
  • Total orders: 2342
  • Token count: 197
  • Saturn DAO tokens mined: ~6363 SATURN
  • Total volume: ~307 ETH
  • Total users: 707
  • Volume during period (05/08 - 15/08): ~52 ETH
  • Volume last 7 days: ~42 ETH

During this period we saw a massive increase in trading on Ethereum, a very positive sign that our recent website updates are helping us find new traders via easier onboarding. We saw 482 completed trades and 511 new orders, which resulted in 52 ETH volume. Much like on ETC the really positive statistic was a big increase in new time traders, we saw 267 new users make a transaction on our platform! We also saw 4 new tokens being listed, hope to see them announcing their project on our forum soon.

Maya Coin (MAYA)

I wanted to take a closer look at MAYA this week, as it has been trading very actively on our platform due to the project using our exchange for a trading competition that has garnered quite a bit of interest on their social media channels. I thought it would be good to see how a trading competition can influence activity, and what we can expect once we have trader leaderboards implemented. As we can see below, it seems to be a positive influence!

  • Market Cap: $112,260,000 USD
  • Volume: ~33 ETH
  • Buys: 200
  • Sells: 126
  • Best Sell Order: 0.0024 ETH
  • Best Buy Order: 0.002 ETH
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Saturn DAO Token

Trading activity on Saturn ETH has increased, surely influenced by our Atomic Arbitrage IDEO announcement, thank you for your continued support! Though unfortunately this has really increased the imbalance between buy / sell pressure on this market.

  • Market Cap: $1,875,800 USD
  • Volume: ~7 ETH
  • Buys: 22
  • Sells: 7
  • Best Sell Order: 0.00001 ETH
  • Best Buy Order: 0.000007 ETH
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Happy trading!