Weekly Exchange Statistics 16/08 - 22/08

Following Weekly Exchange Statistics 05/08 - 15/08, here is a breakdown from last 7 days, 16/08 - 22/08.

Ethereum Classic

  • Total trades: 10690
  • Total orders: 10655
  • Token count: 92
  • Saturn Classic DAO tokens mined: ~501336 SATURN
  • Total volume: ~20688 ETC
  • Total users: 550
  • Volume last 7 days: ~1682 ETC

This past week has been very active for trading on ETC, we saw 786 succesful trades and 254 orders created, which resulted in a volume of 1682 ETC. That is an increase of 83% and we crossed over an important milestone of 20k ETC total volume since launch! New users are continuing to turn up on our platform with 25 new users making a transaction on Saturn Network this week.

Saturn Classic DAO Token

Bit of an order imbalance right now as we currently still have our IDEO’s order on the exchange, but this will be cancelled soon with the launch of our new HODL programs. Overally Saturn Classic is looking like a very healthy market with active trades and multiple traders entering the market on a daily basis.

We saw 607 buys and a volume of 449 ETC, pretty amazing to see that traders have decided to accumulate SATURN with not really many sells happening!

  • Market Cap: $874,902 USD
  • Volume: ~449 ETC
  • Buys: 607
  • Sells: 54
  • Best Sell Order: 0.000139 ETC
  • Best Buy Order: 0.0000621 ETC
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  • Total trades: 2855
  • Total orders: 2511
  • Token count: 201
  • Saturn DAO tokens mined: ~9250 SATURN
  • Total volume: ~369 ETH
  • Total users: 794
  • Volume last 7 days: ~62 ETH

We have also continued to see trading increase on Ethereum, with 297 trades being made and 169 orders being created during the last week. This has resulted in around 62 ETH of volume, which is an increase of 47% compared to last week. The really positive statistic that we continue to see growing is new users turning up on our platform, with 87 new users being spotted making a transaction. And we also saw 4 new tokens being listed.

Saturn DAO Token

Massive order imbalance right now, which will get a little better once we move the IDEO order into our HODL program. Still we definitely do need to see more market makers setting up buy orders on Saturn ETH market before being able to call it healthy.

That being said it was very positive to see 77 buys during this week resulting in a volume of 30 ETH. Great to see more people seeing the benefit of buying Saturn DAO Tokens, welcome to the team!

  • Market Cap: $1,822,425 USD
  • Volume: ~30 ETH
  • Buys: 77
  • Sells: 17
  • Best Sell Order: 0.0000079 ETH
  • Best Buy Order: 0.00000501 ETH
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Lets hope its a weekend of supercharged trading on Saturn Network!

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