Weekly Exchange Statistics 19/04 - 25/04



Following last week’s exchange statistic thread, here is our weekly exchange statistics from 19/04 - 25/04.

Saturn Network Daily Trading Volume (USD)



  • Total trades: 1192
  • Total orders: 1307
  • Token count: 166
  • Saturn DAO tokens mined: ~5270 SATURN
  • Total volume: ~210 ETH
  • Total users: 321
  • Volume last 7 days: ~6.4 ETH

This past week we saw 27 completed trades and 32 order created, 2 new tokens being listed and 6 new users on the exchange. Was a little quiet during this Easter period, still we saw 6.4 ETH in volume so not much change from last week (7.8 ETH).

Looking forward to the coming week! Hoping to see trading activity picks up once again, definitely has started as we can see in the following chart:

Saturn DAO Token OHLCV Chart (Source: SATURN.tools)

Best Sell Order: 0.00000998
Best Buy Order: 0.0000062
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Ethereum Classic

  • Total trades: 4125
  • Total orders: 5329
  • Token count: 87
  • Saturn Classic DAO tokens mined: ~338010 SATURN
  • Total volume: ~14170 ETC
  • Total users: 367
  • Volume last 7 days: ~14 ETC

On Ethereum Classic, we saw 74 completed trades & 50 new orders being created. No new tokens being listed this week, we did see 4 new users turn up. Volume was also lower, much like on Ethereum, it seems everything really did slow down over Easter. We are only really seeing traders coming back to life from Thursday onwards. Weekly volume was at 14 ETC, but I am confident that next week will see an increase!

I mean, #ClassicIsComing afterall :wink:

Saturn Classic DAO Token OHLCV Chart (Source: SATURN.tools )

Best Sell Order: 0.00004799
Best Buy Order: 0.000032
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Real footage of Saturn Network traders waking up after Easter:

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