Weekly Exchange Statistics 25/06 - 08/07



Following our last exchange statistics thread, here is a breakdown from 25/06 to 08/07.

Saturn Network Daily Trading Volume (USD)


Ethereum Classic

  • Total trades: 8177
  • Total orders: 8842
  • Token count: 91
  • Saturn Classic DAO tokens mined: ~391850 SATURN
  • Total volume: ~16319 ETC
  • Total users: 448
  • Volume during period (25/06 - 08/07): ~962 ETC
  • Volume last 7 days: ~133 ETC

During this period we saw 1060 successful completed trades. This has resulted in over 962 ETC volume and means since launch we have now moved over 16k ETC in volume. We also saw 545 orders being created, 2 new tokens being listed and 20 new users turn up!

Trading activity and volume has taken a bit of drop during the first week of July, after quite a monster ONEX trading frenzy at the end of June. What goes down, must go back up? Surely!

Let’s take a closer look at that ONEX trading over this period as that was the bulk of our volume:


  • Volume: ~600 ETC
  • Buys: 65
  • Sells: 47
  • Best Sell Order: 0.0185 ETC
  • Best Buy Order: 0.0091 ETC
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Looks like the bulls have currently got a bit tired and could not keep ONEX in the 0.02 price range after 29/06, it has been trading sideways ever since.

Saturn Classic DAO Token

Trading statistics during this period:

  • Volume: ~180 ETC
  • Buys: 370
  • Sells: 545
  • Best Sell Order: 0.0000625 ETC
  • Best Buy Order: 0.0000375 ETC
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And of course Saturn Classic is always trading actively! After our HODL was closed out on ETC we did witness an attempt to reach higher price ranges and saw some trading at 0.00007 ETC, but there was quite a lot of sell pressure at this range and not that much support. A good time to set up market maker bot on a VPS:


  • Total trades: 1807
  • Total orders: 1719
  • Token count: 187
  • Saturn DAO tokens mined: ~6108 SATURN
  • Total volume: ~243 ETH
  • Total users: 414
  • Volume during period (25/06 - 08/07): ~5.7 ETH
  • Volume last 7 days: ~1.45 ETH

Over this period we saw 117 completed trades and 118 new orders created. Which resulted in over ~5 ETH in trading volume. We also saw 5 new tokens being listed and 20 new users turn up, hopefully, we will see new liquidity and trading activity of the back of this in the coming weeks as there has been some new announcements.

Saturn DAO Token

Trading statistics during this period:

  • Volume: ~0.22 ETH
  • Buys: 4
  • Sells: 3
  • Best Sell Order: 0.00000885 ETH
  • Best Buy Order: 0.00000655 ETH
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Happy trading!