Weekly Exchange Statistics 29/07 - 04/08



Following our last exchange statistic thread, here is a breakdown from 29/07 - 04/08.

Saturn Network Daily Trading Volume (USD)


Ethereum Classic

  • Total trades: 9565
  • Total orders: 9499
  • Token count: 92
  • Saturn Classic DAO tokens mined: ~420965 SATURN
  • Total volume: ~17481 ETC
  • Total users: 470
  • Volume last 7 days: ~645 ETC

This week we saw 378 completed trades and 256 orders being created, which resulted in 645 ETC volume! That is an increase of 357% compared to last week. We did not see any new tokens being listed this week, though we did see 6 new users making a trade.

It looks like token trading on ETC is back to its usual and extremely volatile nature? Everything was trading quite steadily and consistently, and then we suddenly jumped up to over 466 ETC volume yesterday! With Saturn Classic seeing some big buys.

Saturn Classic DAO Token

We have seen SATURN trading actively again this week, and the order book is much healthier looking than its Ethereum brother (or sister? :eyes:). We do still see an imbalance between sell and buy orders, but not as drastic or worrying.

  • Market Cap: $1,043,130 USD
  • Volume: ~273 ETC
  • Buys: 241
  • Sells: 15
  • Best Sell Order: 0.00017 ETC
  • Best Buy Order: 0.00005 ETC
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  • Total trades: 2076
  • Total orders: 1831
  • Token count: 193
  • Saturn DAO tokens mined: ~6363 SATURN
  • Total volume: ~253 ETH
  • Total users: 440
  • Volume last 7 days: ~5 ETH

This week on ETH we saw 65 successfully completed trades and 23 orders created, which resulted in over 5 ETH volume. That’s an increase of 371% compared to last week’s volume! We also saw 2 new tokens being listed and 9 new users on our platform.

Asian Dragon

A token that recently has been trading quite actively on our platform is Asian Dragon (AD) it looks like traders are currently quite bullish on AD as we are only seeing buys. Could potentially mean there is a possibility for arbitrage with another exchange, buying and selling elsewhere? I would recommend you keep your eye on this one.

  • Market Cap: $5,824,000 USD
  • Volume: ~4.92 ETH
  • Buys: 30
  • Sells: 0
  • Best Sell Order: 0.00005 ETH
  • Best Buy Order: 0.000003 ETH
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Saturn DAO Token

Not much activity on trading Saturn ETH, and there is currently a big imbalance in terms of sell / buy pressure. Which you can clearly see on the depth chart:

  • Market Cap: $1,980,160 USD
  • Volume: ~0.07 ETH
  • Buys: 7
  • Sells: 2
  • Best Sell Order: 0.0000085 ETH
  • Best Buy Order: 0.0000067 ETH
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I doubt this will change too much until we start to see an increase in trading activity on Ethereum, which I believe we will start to see once arbitrage bots are live!

Happy trading!

Weekly Exchange Statistics 05/08 - 15/08

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