Weekly Q&A Thread - week of July, 30th 2018


Welcome to our first weekly Q & A / discussion thread, with our telegram chat becoming much more active chances are we may miss a question so we thought it would be a good idea to start doing this on the forum. Feel free to ask any questions here and we will be sure to answer you.

Any question is a good one but do check our guides thread first, as your query may already have been answered.

I will also be able to roundup interesting questions that I feel everyone will be interested in reading and publish them in a blog article, so it really helps! Ask away.


Just read the latest update, it makes a lot of sense to focus on upgrading Radex and aiming to roar at the big boys, soon all these other DEXs will be shivering. Can’t wait! I will need to send more ETH to hodl dApp before snapshot :wink: +1

I am a little confused about the trade mining part, you will give tokens out just for trading?


So no, we are not just giving out tokens for free for trading, that would not be very fair for our investors who bought tokens. I think it is easier to think of it as a market making reward, Neuron just addressed this in our chat so I am going to post his answer for everyone:

Neuron, [30.07.18 16:14]

but the plan is to make a fully decentralized path towards DAO autonomy.

At first, we are going to enable small fees that we will collect as funds for development, and give people SATURN tokens in exchange for paid fees.

The token holders will be able to stake their votes for Saturn Protocol decentralization (aka going full DAO mode). Once enough SATURN token holders vote, the DAO will activate itself and all the newly collected fees will start going into DAO treasury account.

You can think that it’s a sort of ICO where by trading on the exchange, you receive voting rights. As soon as enough people vote to take control from founders and assume full control as a DAO - it’s going to happen.

I think this is also a good path for attracting institutional capital. They might not be comfortable investing in Neuron & company, but when the path to investment is completely decentralized they won’t have a chance to say no to this opportunity of a lifetime to invest in the decentralized exchange with decentralized ownership.


Hello team, could you give your thought on the front-running issue of DEX as talked this article. Is it something problem of Saturn as the order book is publicly shown?

Thank you


Frontrunning on Saturn Protocol is non-existent precisely because the order book is properly modeled and is stored on-chain.

There are two types of transactions on Saturn Protocol: create an order and buy an existing order. Creating an order simply puts some tokens up for sale for a fixed price. Sending a buy order transaction can either succeed (and you know what price you are paying in advance, so no surprises and no front running there), or fail early (i.e. the order was just cancelled) in which case you keep your tokens and most of the gas allocated for the transaction is refunded to you.

These days, “frontrunning dex” is no more than a marketing buzzword because etherdelta (and 0x) had this problem due to off-chain order books, and bancor had this problem due to its liquid pricing mechanism, hence people who are new to the concept of decentralized exchanges are reading about these things, and thus click on the blog posts that say these words. I wouldn’t read too much into these blog posts.