Welcome to Saturn Network


Hello and welcome!

This forum is a place to discuss anything in the Saturn Network universe. Learn more about the products & tools we are developing to help the global adoption of cryptocurrency or read about the philosophy that goes behind our mission: to build a decentralized exchange on every blockchain.

If you are here to follow tutorials on how to safely use Saturn Wallet as your Ethereum or Ethereum Classic browser or other tools from the Saturn toolkit, learn how to invest in our project or simply ask our community their thoughts on an upcoming cryptocurrency or token: everyone is welcome!

We are more than happy for you to ask any queries, provide feedback on our exchange or come up with ideas for future features. Furthermore you can learn about trading strategies and find other traders to discuss them with, making sure your approach is right!

We also encourage discussion about development, you will find tutorials for creating your own token and launching your own ICO. Best of all our community can give you feedback on your project!

Hope to see you posting soon, here are some topics to get you started:

  1. Introduce Yourself - Come say hello and tell us a little about yourself
  2. Getting Started - The perfect place to start and learn everything you need to know about Saturn Network, in one helpful & organised thread.
  3. Social Media - Here you will find our various social media accounts to follow for all the latest announcements.
  4. Subscribe - Our newsletter ensures you are always made aware of our latest developments, don’t worry we don’t spam and usually send out an email on a weekly basis.

Happy trading!


Thank you for creating the platform. I currently hold SAT tokens and look forward to future developments!


Beautiful project my friends, glad to be here and can’t wait for Ethereum launch!


Wow, feels like christmas came early! Going to start listing some tokens to trade!