What are some crypto projects we can use NOW?

I’m curious. Back when I was really into the crypto scene a few years ago, a lot of the projects’ prime focus is on their ROI or how you can participate in the PoW to decentralize, but not a lot of services that you can actually use without at least considerable amount of technical acumen.

What are some examples of crypto-centric projects that have hit the consumer phase? Excluding payment and remittance solutions which are…really unimaginative. reverse phone lookup
Off the top of my head the only thing I can think of is Brave Browers, but even then a lot of the advertisement I get from the browser just links me to another “get-rich-quick” scheme like “crypto-banks” (yeah sure I’ll trust that) or gambling sites.
BurstCoin and Storj, they were pretty imaginative! pcpartpicker Tho Google Drive and DropBox seems to have them beat in terms of ease of use so it doesn’t really incentivize the average user into using it.

Any other examples of crypto-projects that have hit the mainstream market that you can use right now?


To me atleast DEXs and open finance Dapps that are currently operating are interesting, if your angle is “traditional financial” products on blockchain are unimaginative I wouldn’t agree. Yes if they simply mirror a traditional product, but not if it has been implemented in a new way that is actually decentralized. For example, HK police recently froze $9 million of funds raised for protestors:

This would never have happened if the fundraising had been done in crypto! True DEXs and Dapps have been difficult to use which made on boarding new users terrible - I think this problem has pretty much been addressed though and we will see 2020 being a very big year for DEX adoption. Just read through a couple of our latests articles on the topic:

In terms of what else is happening in crypto, there are companies that are tackling different things completely with blockchain such as counterfeiting. For example, VeChain does a lot with integrating with manufacturing sectors to improve product verification and traceability. Or you have Cardano helping Ethiopia set up a way to track its coffee supply chain.

I think there is a lot more to come as the tech matures!

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Interesting challenges, Caleb. I think some of the examples Sam provides are good ones. Many others are supported by the idea that many interactions in social life -not just financial transactions- can be improved immensely by decentralized technology of the sort that Saturn Network is developing. An even better response, maybe, is that truly decentralized tech has so many potential applications that many of the best ones probably haven’t even been thought of yet. As Sam suggests, it’s really in its infancy.

In any case, welcome! I hope you take some time to look around this site. Saturn Network is doing things that, to my knowledge, literally no one else is doing.