What do i see your team skill working, knowledge


1- now, but i see on github ,your team working small update…ete.
all so your team don’t appear face, link working, but you team working on github ,that show to comunity

2- i take care your project. i ask too much. what do i see your team skill working, knowledge
3-Where do i check your updaet working on blockchain…ete


I would suggest following our blog, that is the place to go for updates.

I think when you read articles like this:

You can see that our development team is very knowledgeable when it comes to how decentralized exchanges work.

I mean we have always been up front about being anonymous… sure it can be a risk to invest in projects that have anonymous dev teams, but this is your risk to take! If you believe in what we are trying to achieve, then I think you just have to look at the technology we have already released like Radex & Saturn Wallet to know we can do it.

Also we are a very approachable team, you can come and talk to us on telegram any time :slight_smile: