What do you need to start trading on Saturn Network?


What do you need to start trading on Saturn Network?

Saturn Network is a decentralized exchange for trading tokens that runs completely on chain and requires you to use a wallet that can browse dApps & sign transactions. You will need to install one before you can start trading, don’t worry it only takes a few minutes!

To trade Ethereum & Ethereum Classic tokens:

saturn-wallet          Trust-Wallet

Saturn Wallet         Trust Wallet

To only trade Ethereum tokens:

metamask        cipher        coinbase

MetaMask                 Cipher Wallet          Coinbase Wallet

Feeling lost?

Check out our Getting Started topic which covers everything you need to know to start using our products & tools for all your crypto needs.

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That is good to know that you can actually use your Coinbase Wallet to trade ETH Tokens. I think we are at a good time to launch this exchange or y’all have chosen a good time in cryptocurrency history to launch this exchange. My hat goes off to all who have helped create the Saturn Network and those that will continue to work on the project and the early investors (am I allowed to legally or lawfully say investors or will that trigger some government agency to investigate?). Well, I am not trying to get anyone in trouble I promise. So how about all the people that participated early thank you? I also like the tutorials that you have made to help people get started.