What do you think of the site and forum redesign?


We hope you enjoy our new look. Use this thread to let us know what you think.


I like it. Eagerly waiting for the Crypto world to know about Rados. Good work guys


Way easier to read on mobile now, great job!


Loved the old design and feel and one reason I wanted to be a part of the community here. Was completely blown away by the new look! Hard to top near perfection but you did it!


@RubRiches do your part - spread the word! And we’ll keep making our products better.

Thank you all very much for words of encouragement.


All in. Will tweet and retweet and share with my friends. Want this community to grow.


I really like the design of the forum. its simple and effective! But i would really love to see the WYSIWYG editor with a fullscreen button - or when i hide preview that the editor scales in width (actually div gets smaller).

If its not possible or too much work, i also can live with this version pretty well :wink:


Does anyone have a screenshot for me from the previous Forum Layout? Im really curious how it looked!


I don’t think we’ll see a full WISIWYG editor on the forum, but the engine has full Markdown support. I believe you can even drop HTML into the reply box and it will get rendered somewhat properly.

For a peek at what things looked like before I would suggest the internet archive. We’ve come a long way!