What happened to this order?


The money was taken from my wallet but it never got filled. If I never caught this would you guys catch this or do I have to come on here and ask to refresh the orderbook?

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The trader bought 100.42 CACHE for 0.582436 ETH in that transaction, you can see the CACHE has gone to the buyer and ETH to the seller in the tx you posted.

Yes, they did not buy the full order if that is what you mean? Everything looks fine in the orderbook, thanks.

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Please update order book https://etherscan.io/tx/0x4f2a5679bbcd1b3e7fe38afd2333572dbcd32ef4e4d4f6a9963546ed9e9dba67

176 was purchased and it shows the 176 still on the sell side.

Thanks for the report, we will take a look.

Any news can you fix it?

Will definitely get fixed, we are investigating and have not forgot, don’t worry.

Okay thank you