What is airdrop?

Hello all… I am Naikkie and I am so new to this crypto, bitcoins and so many other digital currencies I am beside myself. I learned about these currencies whilst going through my stocks portfolio so I decided to look into them. I got myself coinbase account and then decided to play their mini game to earn some coins. And I played and I earned and I linked my coinbase wallet to the game to claim my earned coins like they suggested that i should do and this is what they response to me trying to claim my coins, “Popcoin is now traded on Saturn Network. And we will announce next airdrop (TBD).” So what is that mean? Where my little coins gone to? Any help please? What is contract numbers and/ or symbols? HELP…lol.


Welcome Naikkie! An Airdrop is usually a marketing / promotion run by a cryptocurrency project, generally, they will ask you to help them spread awareness of their project maybe re-tweet their twitter or share a video (usually referred to as completing a bounty task) and in return they will send you an amount of tokens.

For example there is currently an airdrop promotion for $PYRO happening on our platform, you can find the details and sign up here:

Though before you sign up, you should set yourself up a wallet with Dapp browser support to manage your funds and custom token balances. It will make it much easier to sign up for airdrops, receiving some free tokens and then if you want, start trading them on our platform. If you are on a desktop then I recommend our own Saturn Wallet, and if you are on mobile then Trust is a great option. Here is a list of supported dapp browsers for our platform:

I am not sure how PopCoin’s airdrop would work, they are listed on our platform though, so you can definitely buy some of their tokens or join their community and ask them how their mini games / airdrop works.

Also as you are new to cryptocurrency, here are two blog articles that I think will help:

Both long reads, so sit down when you have some time, but it is worth the learning!


Thank you for the information and links. I appreciate it.