What is Powh3C ? This is a Brand New ETC dapp game on Ethereum Classic Blockchain


Hi Everybody, This ETC game is an entirely autonomous game of UBI. A fork of the PowH3D contract, on Ethereum Classic. PowH3C is just one portal to the smart contract.

Instructions: Buy tokens, Earn dividends from other players. Try to hold on!

Please use Saturn Wallet to interact (disable Metamask while using).

Please Download Saturn Wallet from chrome web store:



ETC Smart Contract:

Saturn Wallet:

Over 1000 ETC hit the contract already and its only been less than 2 weeks, this is goin to bring alot of volume to ETC and the Blockchain and Saturn.Network . I got some tokens and already have made 10% return on investment , so I can say it has worked for me with great support from Saturn.Network Devs making sure the wallet is alway’s 100 uptime ! What are your thought on this new and exciting game just launched on the ETC blockchain ? :whale:

CryptoTomatoes - idle ETC dApp game!

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