What is the future of Saturn Network after this "51% Attack" on ETC?



Reading twitter & reddit it sounds like the apocalypse has arrived…

Genuine question though, what is the future of Saturn Network after this “51% Attack” on ETC ? & what of the tokens built on ETC ?

Personally I love what ETC & Saturn Network here stand for & have built & am hoping that this is just a small blip.




Let’s remember that people like to throw around a lot of FUD on twitter and reddit :smiley: You are definitely right though that lately ETC does seem to be in a continued state of “bad news” ever since their Github account ownership argument and one of their development teams going bankrupt. Time will tell if ETC can bounce back?

I wouldn’t say it is an apocalypse or the end, it is not the first cryptocurrency where this has happened and it will probably not be the last. I think the reason it has really blown up is because one of ETC’s main marketing and selling points has always been to say it is Immutable so people are taking their chance to say haha look ETC is not immutable anymore!

And in regards to Saturn Network’s future on ETC, sure it would probably help us for Ethereum Classic to be in the crypto news for positive reasons, but as long as their is a demand for trading tokens and developers continue to launch projects onto ETC then we will continue to grow. Also remember that we have not tied our self to one blockchain.


My thoughts are thus:
Okex opened up a perpetual futures contract on ETC days prior.
Shorts were opened.
Hash was bought on nicehash.
51% attack ensues.
Price craters.
Shorts close.
Profits pocketed.
All legal.