When Saturn ICO pad?



Exchanges are definitely jumping on this launchpad hype, I saw a different headline the other day:

Token Launchpads Are the New Stablecoins

Bittrex IEO was suppose to start this month I think? Bitmax Launchpad is already working, and Huobi Prime, Kucoin Spotlight and Okex IEO are all on their way.


what about as a “financial advisor and broker” they would also be liable for loss capitals !?!

no kyc needed because exchanges allready have your data??


Step 1. Make participating in ICOs “scary”, and introduce third parties (exchanges)
Step 2. Let these third parties sell KYC data to third parties via “launchpads”

The good thing about decentralized ecosystems is their composability. A lot of what we produce can be thought of as building blocks that can be combined creatively. I presume that before the end of they year somebody will create a stack of Saturn Network open source tools that will let anyone create their own KYC-less and secure launchpads.


Step 3. Let ico pages crash to block the sale and then scim the profit after listing
Step 4. KYC subscription for all next ICO´s and if you don´t cancel early, you are required to buy at all upcoming ICO’s



Also another thought, I suppose these exchanges control when you receive your ICO tokens from the launchpad sale also. I mean it is the dream scenario for manipulating markets…