Why are you excited for Radex Classic?


Let’s get some hype going!

For me, I am loving being part of something that is going to really help ETC grow! Since we made the announcement, I’ve had messages of support from people all over the world. We believe with a DEX in place, more developers will start choosing ETC to develop their tokens.

Also I will give you a juicy piece of info, from our current tests trading on Radex Classic will be blazing fast because transactions are completed so much quicker than on ETH. We are talking realtime fast. :ok_hand:

All in all, I looking forward to announcing a launch date.

And you? :wink:


much happiness this announcement.

A single tree does not make a forest; a single string can not make music.


So its a good beginning. Sooner or later more and more dApps and Tokens will follow. And like Sam said. The tempo of the ETC Blockchain will be very lucrative, especially for trading.

Does anyone know if “inPay” or “Corion” is still active? Cuz if im right, they´re still listed on Cryptopia. Well checked again this moment -> inPay have 0 Volume on Cryptopia, but COR got a little volume.


if youre looking for a single string instrument -> Check -> Diddley bow haha


We will be launching Radex Classic on Saturday :slight_smile: or #SATURNday! Feel free to share and spread the word!


There has been some nice coverage today! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to tomorrow!

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Very nice :slight_smile: trading on ETC with Radex has been very easy!


Dang! I am waaaayyyy too excited for a DEX, especially a DEX that is built on my favorite chain, ETC!! You guys at Saturn/RADEX are pretty much my heroes! I’ve grown to really dislike Binance and it’s glitches… Once I leave Binance, i’ll never return, thanks to you!!! Later, bros!


Didley Bow!! LOL, i’ll have to look into inPay and Corion. Curious…


Welcome! And thank you :slight_smile: well I believe inPay and Corion are not very active, this is why we have taken the initiative to help people launch their own projects on ETC.

Feel free to introduce yourself here.