WiiggoCoin (WIIG) - The Future of Social Media Earnings, Loans and Ecommerce


  • WiiggoCoin

  • Symbol WIIG

  • Standard ERC223

  • Total Supply 9,000,000,000 WIIG

  • Decimals 8

  • Website www.wiiggo.com

  • White Paper http://bit.ly/wiiggo_whitepaper

  • ICO Price 1 WIIG = 0.0000147 ETC

  • ICO Contract Address 0x876A68D9efbc3CadaA886e9868D93737035F717C
    (Just send ETC to the contract address and WIIG will be transferred to your wallet

  • Airdrop Round 1 has ended

Wiiggo is a platform that aims to revolutionize how cryptocurrencies is being used in our everyday life. Our aim is to make people earn tokens which can be converted to cash by performing simple social media task that they are already used to - liking, posting, sharing, commenting and writing blogs.

Users of wiiggo platform will also be able to list items for sale just like any eccommerce website and fellow wiiggo members can perform delivery task for these items sold on the platform. This will provide another source of income for the jobless and those that seek additional revenue stream.
What good is a token if it can not be used to physically and positively improve the life of its users right? For this purpose, transactions on the wiiggo platform will be powered by WIIG tokens

In addition members will be able to give and receive loans on wiiggo using their tokens as collateral. This provides a fund flow from hands where there are excess and transfer it to areas where they are needed without the need to sell our coveted asserts (tokens)

Every user of the wiiggo platform will be able to earn a minimum of $5 in tokens provided they perform all the daily task set before them. With our economic algorithm, WIIG will be used within the platform and systematically controlled in such a way that the external exchange will not be flooded with excess tokens.




Great to see your project growing @vickson64 good luck with your ICO and happy trading!


Good guide :slight_smile: should help people buy some WIIG!

Looking forward for WIIG to grow #WiigLife any updates so far?


Yes we are currently holding a quiz bounty for every wiiggan that has bought ICO. For every question answered correctly, you win 10,000. In addition, airdrop distribution has started