Wrapped Ethereum Classic (WETC)



Wapped Ethereum Classic (WETC)

WETC tokens are Ethereum Classic compatible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. They have the same characteristics as a standard ERC20 token and can be transferred or stored in any ERC20 compatible wallet or storage mechanism. When a new WETC token is issued (minted) the supply of ETC tokens does NOT increase; each WETC token represents a single ETC token on the Ethereum blockchain. WETC tokens can only be created via the ETC Bridge so it is not possible for the supply of WETC tokens to exceed the supply of ETC tokens. Similar to the issuance of POA20 from POA , the amount of circulating ETC tokens is equal across both networks (Ethereum Classic and Ethereum).

With the introduction of the ETC Bridge and WETC tokens, users now have access to a larger market and more liquidity! WETC token can be transferred and sold in decentralized exchanges, furthermore, users can leverage their WETC tokens on lending platforms where it is possible to borrow assets or create a loan using wETC as collateral.

You can find a lot more info in this topic on POA forum:

Very easy to use with Saturn Wallet :wink:


Awesome! So, when is the airdrop? :crossed_fingers: :smiley: :crossed_fingers:


Haha, this is a project by POA Network: https://poa.network/

WETC is only created when you transfer ETC through their TokenBridge, so the chances of any airdrop are pretty slim… unless someone suddenly wants to give away a lot of ETC.