Wrong Approve transaction -Problem with trade

I want to trade Pyrrhos Gold. Make mistake and create 2 Pay Approve transaction. At this time i pay twice – Approve transaction and cant creat order. In this case when i try to trade this token i see this message that i must again pay for Approve transaction

Are you sure the approve tx has been confirmed? Looking at their order book:


There are many open orders, so it should work fine. However, I can see the token has no trade history so it looks like the project did not test their market :thinking:

Are you trying to create a new order or buy / sell from existing order?


I want sell Pyrrhos gold. I pay twice the approval transaction. But every time i see that i must pay again.
Ohh , yes my mistake. It error of gas. But the transaction get some ETH. 2 transaction have some cost , but show error. Help me please how solve it. Thanks


The error is simply because you are setting your gas price too low. Look at the current network:

The safe gas price is currently 8 GWEI and if you want a tx to confirm quickly it is 14 GWEI. If you are manually setting lower values, then it is normal that it fails and yes failed tx spend your gas so you lose ETH.

Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [ Out of gas ]

Actually the problem is that the gas limit is being set too low, this is out of our control it is a problem with the token’s smart contract code. It will work, however, you must manually set a higher gas limit such as 100k.

Are you part of this token’s development team?