Wrong token sent to contract address



Hello is it possible to retrieve ETH from a contract address that was written on the ETC blockchain?
What i mean is that i have a contract that was written to receive ETC and send out my tokens but some people mistakenly sent ETH to the contract address. Now they did not receive tokens. Is it possible for me to have access to the contract address and remove the ETH?
Any good answer will really help.
Thank you in advance


No unfortunately not, the contract address you created on ETC will be someone’s wallet on the ETH chain that you do not control at all. The only thing you can attempt to do is contact the wallet holder & see if they would be willing to send you back the funds. Of course, there is not really a way to figure out who the wallet holder is… so you are probably stuck.





most likely this wallet does not exist (just because there is more potential wallet addresses than atoms in universe) so the coins are burned forever