XAVE - Raise on Market Token "LAUNCHING & AIRDROP"


Thanks for @neuron and @samr for this guide, and saturn.network team

New Token Created on Etherecum Classic

Token Name : Raise on Market
Symbol : XAVE
Supply : 21.000.000,-
Decimal : 8
Contract : ERC 223
Open Price : 1 ETC = 1.000 XAVE / 1 XAVE = 0.001 ETC

Abstract :

XAVE Token is gateway to access Expert Advisor “XAVE Automated Trading System” based on tool XAVE Management to have gain in market up to 30% per year. Created through the Ethereum Classic platform, a decentralized virtual machine whose transactions are based on smart contracts using the Proof-of-work (PoW) method. Connecting investors and companies in transacting globally without time and territory through decentralized exchanges.

Rise on Market is Vision and the name of our Expert Advisor “XAVE Automated Trading System” to Become a winner trader, both in cryptocurrency market with high volatility and financial instrument such as gold and foreign exchange. We know market condition ia fluktuatif base on supply and demand. Investor funds is manage only on instruments that provide the highest return, with risk management that is in accordance with the expectations of every investor so that the investment can provide long-term results

Real time monitoring for XAVE Automated Trading System

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  • Link to whitepaper


Pleas Reply this post with ETC address for airdrop
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Welcome! Glad you found our tutorials helpful :slight_smile:

Might want to take some time to create a website or whitepaper to document what your plan and idea is, I am a little confused, you will use investor’s funds to trade on forex? How will you pay out returns?

I would iron out these details, and also a logo would be a nice addition then you can submit it here:

Good luck!


good project


Hello! Yes it is always better to plan your idea carefully before creating your token, that is why I recommend making your website & whitepaper before deploying your token.

Good luck with making the new token!

@abdurrahman There is no way for me to make an order for you to buy back sold tokens, remember our exchange is decentralized every trade is wallet to wallet. You could attempt to buy back the sold tokens yourself by making buy orders with a high enough price to entice people to sell you them. You can do this in XSAVE orderbook by clicking “Create Order” however this is probably not the best route to take.

The easier route is to simply to airdrop your new XAVE token when ready to XSAVE holders. You can check Blockscout to see what wallets hold X amount of XSAVE and then calculate accordingly given the new price.


Good luck!


Thanks for Advice @samr i will follow the step



great project good luck !


Airdrop new 600 XAVE Token to 30.000 XSAVE Holder as a price


Roadmap Updated

as we know community is the key of success
XAVE Management will develop website for Community as Below

one of our team in XAVE Management Andri Desain have more than 10.000 follower https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEWNwWme4bfXfvPNfQ

Stay Tune


i received xsave airdrop