XUSDP not shown on market place


I transferred 19 XUSDP coins to the XUSDP peer to peer marketplace at 0.2 ETH per coin last night. I used metamask to do so. However, the coins still have not been listed although the has has been confirmed. I’m not sure what to do, please help!!

Hey whats the TX for the order creation? Thanks

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Hey, the TXID is 0x4fec1926da63389ce66613d21bba56b8e1dc632134393d238eb24ac06545f461

What was the resolution here??

Never was one, nobody has responded. I’ve reached out here and Twitter… nothing. A bit frustrated seeing as I’m dealing with thousands of dollars, but not much I can do.

Hey, I saw your other post. Your transaction went through and is likely on saturns backend according to etherscan. None of the XUSDP coins have went live on the marketplace over the last 12 days, however that doesn’t mean they’re lost. This support channel seems pretty useless however I’ve been advised to wait until Monday to see if there is any sort of movement. Saturn Network is linked to Coinbase so we’re in good hands, just a bit of a growing pain since it’s a new coin I think unfortunately.

Less than par support. We show it sitting in Saturns master wallet?! Great but can you at least tell us what your doing with it??! This is unacceptable that there is. No support…

Agreed, there isn’t much to do other than sit currently unfortunately. I hope all goes well :slight_smile:

Hello @sam can you help these guys out? They’ve provided you the requested details and need some support.

Thank you so so much, means a ton.

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it’s been 9 days since I posted this original request for help, and over 11 days and 19 hours since I sent the original tokens. The other user that has responded to this inquiry has over 10,000 XUSDP tokens they’re trying to list, and at current market value that’s 4.6 million dollars in Ethereum. I personally have 19 tokens I’d like to list, which is about $8500. A mere response would be greatly appreciated, let alone an update on the eleven thousand+ tokens in the saturn master wallet, all of which are not listed! So please, any mod out there, could someone please get back to me?

Hey your order id is 30760, not sure why its not on UI but if you go to contract:



Can cancel it this way and your tokens will come back to your wallet.