YOKcoin (YOK) Airdrop Promotion

YOKcoin (YOK) Airdrop Promotion

Happy to announce a new airdrop of YOKcoin (YOK) token on Saturn Network which will distribute 200,000 YOK. YOKcoin has sponsored this airdrop to celebrate the launch of their market on the exchange.


150,000 YOK will be distributed amongst 1,500 active traders on the platform throughout this week so make sure you are checking the airdrop portal.

Don’t worry if you miss out, you still have a chance to be included in the second distribution of 50,000 YOK by signing up and completing the Twitter retweet task! YOKcoin is listed and tradable on Saturn Network, you can find their order book below:


On Tuesday 5th May, we will airdrop the wallets that qualify. You will receive an email if you have been included in the Airdrop. YOKcoin is listed and tradable on Saturn Network, you can find their order book below:


  • Join via YOK Airdrop Sign up google form .
  • Limited time offer, open to 500 people.
  • You will claim tokens in our Airdrop Dapp .
  • Your wallet needs Dapp browser support (Saturn Wallet, Trust, MetaMask etc…)
  • Your wallet needs ETH funds available to sign the claim transaction.

Airdrop Amount

  • Receive 50 YOK Tokens for FREE.
  • Additional 50 YOK available for completing Twitter task.
  • That means you can receive up to 100 YOK tokens!


  1. Follow https://www.twitter.com/yokdata_nl and https://twitter.com/saturnprotocol
  2. Retweet the promotion: https://twitter.com/SaturnProtocol/status/1254748175275118592
  3. Tag 3 friends in the comments.

Where to learn more about YOK and join their community?

Happy Airdrop!


Awesome … Thank you!

Don’t forget to sign up!

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Airdrop Completed!

200,000 YOK tokens have now been distributed between 2,000 users. Make sure you check the Airdrop portal to claim your tokens:


Thank you to everyone who participated and retweeted the promotion on Twitter! Remember YOKcoin is also listed on the platform and tradable:


Happy trading!

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