youForia - 69+8=77

What is youForia?

youForia offers a PoS program that does not require the holder to have a continuous internet connection.
We also represent to be a decentralised token economy for marketing, competitive gaming, content creating and eSports.


If you hold 6900 $yF or more you will automatically receive more $yF tokens every 1st of the month.

I created a layer 2 stake pool with 50% of the supply in it.
And the tokens can only get out if you hold a certain amount of tokens.


First 6 months

First quarter [ 3 months ]
  • Develope our own decentralised wallet

  • Develope our video/content platform

  • Organize gaming tournaments with youForia prize pools

Second quarter [ 3 months ]
  • Find partnerships in reliable industries

  • Contract content creators/livestreamers

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