Your journey to Saturn


Hey Guys,

every journey begins with a small step. Therefore, it would be very interesting if you could describe in a few sentences your way to this unique project. How have you become aware of Saturn.Network, friends, media, self-research, recommendation, extraterrestrial contact ???

The future belongs to us all.

Many thanks to the entire Saturn.Network-Team, you are doing an excellent job :rocket::flying_saucer::peace_symbol::infinity:

I'm new glad to join here

Hah, interesting question. I’ll give it a go.

Came across Rados/Radex/Saturn (not sure which name it was) back around September 2017 while on ICO Alert. I think I came across a “blog looking type website” that said something about bringing a learning platform to the masses, software and paid services. Was keen to learn but had no idea what they were trying to do, so made a note to check back.

Then in March 2018 I came across the whitepaper and it discussed how they compared themselves to other decentralized exchanges such as 0x and Radex and I agreed with their strategy and the comparison to their competitors.

Running up to the start of October 2018 continued to follow and buy into the ICO where I could and the rest is history. Waiting on the ETH chain to be rolled out as of October 2018 and to see where things go.

Very appreciative that there are people out there willing to code such decentralized services and to hopefully not allow the corporate world to have all the say.


hi folks, time to put my 2 cents on the table.

I did see a news about a DEX that would be starting soon on ETC. The article was not about Saturn directly. I even did not read it completely (sry, cant link it too). but about 2-3 weeks later, i remembered this news. i was not able to find it -> so i googled “DEX ETC” or smtg similar.

Afterwards i firstly found the first article i did read was “The State of Ethereum Classic”. then i got curious and i started reading the blog. it took a while to realize that this project is also an ICO. More than it, …a DAO. So i got more and more interested.

After a few days of reading content, i explored the “Team Saturn” page. This was the moment i got 100% catch´ed. Cuz this anonymous behavior reflects blockchain to me. Biggest scammers always show their faces, its probably more effective, dunno lol

so it was simple math to me

Then my journey really started, i got more and more curious, and its until today. I´m learning a lot here, and im going to learn much more here in the future. Cuz Saturn gives all those little Coders a platform and ----> ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS. (I think i dont need to mention saturnWallet on this point, or that most ICO´s dont have a workin product…)

My last step was entering the telegram group. Im a backlog-reader, so i did read a few mins through, and my first words i wrote was like “it feels like home”. This state never changed.

big ups Saturn DAO, you are unique. you are special, you are legend.
Ready to take off…


You wouldn’t believe me but I’ll give it a go anyway.
A psychic told me I’d be getting into cryptography??? And saturn would make me wealthy.
Forgot about it until about 6 months after I started investing in cryptos then did a search for saturn token and here we are.
Just waiting for the wealthy part.
True story


Thank you very much for your statement :heart: You are an official DAO member, congratulations =D


MAN this is a very motivating story, not only you are lucky that you have found the project, the project also has luck to have such a great guy as you. What would a project be without the magic of a “Wizard”???


and you tell us that after I opened the topic ?? so we would never have been able to experience this wonderful moment … that is the stuff dreams are made of! I am fascinated ! Do not tell me now that your fortune teller wants percentages, paid with btc ? pls ask him if he also takes bct :heart::heart::peace_symbol:


Want to share my story with you too. It´s neither exciting nor magical, but what I can confidently confirm is the story of @wizward. he was totally desperate and wanted to give up crypto, it was a struggle to keep him! I managed to persuade him and he found a few days later! he told me that and I was there :wink: sorry nothing magical but I´M THERE and I’m proud of it. This project mirrors everything that is my whole life attitude, i´m proud of every invested second in this lifeblood, thank you very much guys :heart::heart:



Just waiting for the wealthy part

Spiritually you may well already be :angel:

As far as wealth measured in BTC goes I hope you will not have to wait for too long .


Hey Everyone. I got into this project through a referral,a friend of mine suggested it to me, I looked into it and seemed intriguing. E. W . from awesomeminers got me involved. I like everything about the project and believe with the leadership it currently has it can make it to where we all want it to go. … Saturn…



FIrst off, thanks for spending your time and skills to make this project a huge success.

Now unto my boring story –

I stumbled upon this project’s ICO announcement in one of those ICO listings sites (I forgot which one) while I was working as an ICO researcher.

I’ve read through the details of the project and thought it’s something I would love to support… and so I decided to contribute into it.

Anyways, I’m a lurker-type and been reading here and there - only asking questions whenever the need arise… otherwise, I just await patiently.

Kudos to you SATURN NETWORK people!